About us

MetroPacific provides extensive market coverage in Asia, Africa, and South America. With warehouses in major ports and industry centers across the United States, MetroPacific is well situated to meet the needs of paper buyers and suppliers in both the domestic and export markets. Our overall service means you can regard us as the needed extension of your purchasing and sales teams.

Local experience is paramount to building successful relationships, so we ensure that every MetroPacific office or representation has local staff. They speak your language, know your market, and are accessible during your business hours.

We understand the markets in which we operate and have an in depth knowledge of paper and paper products and their usage. Our highly experienced sales team has the right local, regional and global connections to grow your business. They are backed by experienced customer service, logistics and documentation professionals who handle all transactions efficiently and smoothly. Applying our specialized knowledge and experience of the paper industry and markets, we offer unparalleled marketing services that you can rely on.